Growth Mindet Essay

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Students of Mount Miguel High School lack the growth mindset because Mount Miguel is known for having low expectations. Students believe by attending Mount Miguel High School they are setting themselves up to fail and seen by other schools as inefficient or incapable. Also how the teachers of Mount Miguel are not pushing their students to the standards they need to be. Teachers are creating undemanding work, instead of challenging students. They are making students become neglectful and hopeless on understanding how life after high school will work.
Students of Mount Miguel that have fixed mindset are more likely to be unsuccessful then others, because they tend to downgrade themselves into believing that they can’t do the work. According to
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Heather Landers argues in her article “Help Your Students Develop a Growth Mindset” she declares “Talk about adopting a growth mindset in class—tell stories about former students who thought they would never learn the subject but who, with persistence and effort, ended up being successful in the course” (6). Landers point is by clarifying that by giving students examples which could give the students a chance to see what could happen if they took on a growth mindset. Another way students at Mount Miguel can thrive to get a growth mindset is surround themselves with growth mindset people. The people students hang around with reflects who they are. As Tim Elmore put it's in his article “Four Ways to Develop a Growth Mindset in Students” he clarifies “Growing people determine to surround themselves with growth mindset people, who become contagious with others. You will reflect the books you read and the people you position next to you” (4). Elmore is insisting the people students hang around reflects on the choices they make and what mindset they will have. However, students must recognize that they have a choice in choosing a fixed or growth mindset. Terry Waghorn in his article “Are You Trapped In A Fixed Mindset? Fix it!” agrees when he
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