Growth Pains At Mountain States Healthcare

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Growth Pains at Mountain States Healthcare Definition of the Situation: Mountain States Healthcare (MSH) is a regional systems of healthcare located in several large metropolitan areas of Colorado, Idaho, Utah and Wyoming. They were a single hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah who was quite successful and profitable due to the business expertise and experience of its officers. They began purchasing other hospitals that were not as profitable and eventually changed their name to Utah Health Group (UHG). The facilities that they purchased were still allowed to operate as independent entities except that there name was to include United Health Group. UHG just instilled its own successful management style in the newly purchased facilities.…show more content…
Both had very qualified backgrounds but they had completely different views on how to handle the migration. Kyle had more of a “My way or the Highway” approach due to his prior successful experience performing this type of task. Colleen had a more “Adapt and overcome” approach I believe due to her past training in the military. Kyle used to work for the new VP of technology, Aaron Nelson. Kyle used his connection to Aaron and asked that consideration be given to him for the position due to the fact that he is a male and the conservative state of Utah as well as mostly male workforce might oppose to a woman being appointed to the position. It is believed that his gender is what ultimately gained him the position when the decision was made. Opinion: Kyle using his gender and former working relationship with a member accountable for making the selection is a prime example of poor ethics, and a dearth of morals. I will discuss the other problems Kyle generated as well as the course concepts involved in part 2. Analysis of the situation: Collen brought to Kyle’s attention problems that were developing with the new migration and tried to address the situation with him multiple times. Kyle paid little to no attention to the situation at hand and chose to remain firm in his belief that it has worked in the past and it will work now just do what I say and everything will be ok. Well things continued to depreciate in the
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