Growth Strategies For Hong Kong And Singapore

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Growth Strategies Introduction Indeed, the growth strategies pursued by firms determines their future expansion and the ability to utilize growth opportunities. Also, countries are seeking unique strategies to encourage their economic growth and foster a high level of investments. As newly industrialized regions, Hong Kong and Singapore provide potential markets due to macro-economic strategies that foster a high level of growth of firms. Hong Kong and Singapore have shifted from the traditionally agriculture based economy to more industrialized regions to match those of the western countries. The regions are still growing owing to numerous market adjustments that attract investors from across the world. The World Bank has become an important source of technical and financial resources that have enabled Hong Kong and Singapore to build adequate capacity for development, share knowledge and facilitate partnership with players in the public and private sectors. In this analysis, the focus will be examining the methods that have been used to encourage economic growth for a typical firm in Hong Kong and Singapore. Also, the analysis will recommend the growth strategies for the typical firm in Hong Kong and Singapore. Growth Methods for a Typical Firm The first strategy for growth for a typical firm in China (Hong Kong) and Singapore is through establishment of subsidiaries. This is due to the fact that Hong Kong and Singapore have adopted favorable taxation regimes. Therefore,
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