Growth in Sugar Industry

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Report Executive Summary In an era where there is a need for inclusive growth, the sugar industry is amongst the few industries that have successfully contributed to the rural economy. It has done so by commercially utilizing the rural resources to meet the large domestic demand for sugar and by generating surplus energy to meet the increasing energy needs of India. In addition to this, the industry has become the mainstay of the alcohol industry. The sector supports over 50 million farmers and their families, and delivers value addition at the farm side1 . In general, sugarcane price accounts for approximately 70 percent of the ex-mill sugar price2. The sector also has a significant standing in the global sugar space. The Indian domestic…show more content…
However, there are number of key questions that need to be addressed. Business perspective: How realistic are the opportunities? Which of the opportunities are high on priority? How can experiences of other sugar producing countries be leveraged? What are the required business imperatives? What should be the regulatory environment to facilitate realization of the opportunities? Regulatory perspective: What are the regulatory modifications required? What are the key learnings from regulatory changes in key sugar geographies? What are the potential risks involved in undertaking the modifications? What are the appropriate macroeconomic conditions,prerequisites and risk mitigation steps? What should be the implementation plan? Sector roadmap 2017 addresses all these issues. The sector roadmap comprises business and regulatory roadmap that lay out the respective perspectives. The key features of the sector roadmap are discussed below. 1.1 Shared Vision The sugar industry's shared vision is a reflection of the aspirations of key stakeholders: farmers, millers, consumers and the government. The sector has a vision for achieving high economic growth, minimizing risks, enhancing farmer miller relationships, meeting growing domestic demand and contributing to the nation's food and energy needs. The shared vision provides the direction for the 2017 sector roadmap. 1.2 Business Roadmap 2017 Business

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