Growth of Canada as a Nation during WWI

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Canadians contributed in many ways to help our country's great efforts in the First World War. Canadians had literally the whole country and made enormous demands on the Canadian people, whether they were involved in the actual fighting or remained on the home front to work in industry or farming to support the war effort. Canada grew tremendously through the war as a nation, individually and emotional. Canadian troops had to be strong and responsible as they were always running from one front to another and had to be strong so that the little thing don’t bother them so they don’t become emotionally unstable, then could end there life. Strength played a major role through the war as did courage and every Canadian troop had those two…show more content…
For the first time in World War I, all four Canadian divisions fought on the same battlefield, they were led by Sir Arthur William Currie. Currie kept the Canadian troops together rather than having them mixed in with various British units. It was the first time the Canadians fought together, and they achieved a magnificent victory, sweeping the Germans off the ridge. Early in the morning of April 9, 1917, 20,000 soldiers attacked in the first wave of fighting. By that afternoon, the two front lines had been taken by the Canadian. By April 12, the entire ridge was under Allied control and so it stayed that way throughout the First World War. When the Canadian troops returned home some were infected with the Spanish Flu epidemic causing a lot of Canadians dying and blaming on the Spanish for creating this flu that has been passed on by troop to troop that was near Spain then bringing it back home to spread. As the troops came home from injuries or even take a leave of vacation or leave of absent they weren’t always treated to the best. Most of them were treaty really poorly and couldn’t obtain any job they asked for as they were in the war. They were also giving little compensation so they couldn’t help support there families and if they were injured they weren’t always treated, and sometimes better off to die than save as if would of costed to much money. Lastly the discrimination against the natives really prevailed when they did not join the

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