Growth of Pechay.. an. Investigatory Project

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The Philippines is an agricultural country. Almost 75% of our total

population are farmers especially in the rural areas. Therefore, the country

is producing different kinds of crops for home consumption and for the

farmers as source of livelihood. But today, we are suffering from food

shortage because of our growing population. This study aimed to help our

local farmers in terms of knowledge on how to produce sufficient crops or

even suggest alternative methods to meet the demands for food. There

are always been a need to diversify the source of income and increase food


Likewise, this study extends to find out which substrate can possibly
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So like, vacant lots in front of the SSS building on East Ave., in Quezon City, used to be a pechay plantation galore. Now it's government offices and barong barongs and pechay plots of course. It is usually used as an ingredient for stews and pancit . While it is not that tasty (the white stalks tastes like paper), some varieties add a little bit of pungent flavor to the dishes it is added to.

Uses of Asbok choi

Asbok choi is used mainly for its immature, but fully expanded tender leaves. The succulent petioles are often the preferred part. It is used as main ingredient for soup and stir-fried dishes. In Chinese cuisine, its green petioles and leaves are also used as garnish. Pechay is a good source of calcium, phosphorus, iron and vitamin B. Decoction of the rhizomes and young leaves can be used for haemoptysis and coughs.

Related Studies

There are some related studies pertinent to the research. Pechay (B. Pekinesis) could be described as a green leafy vegetable attached to a stalk. It is a variety of Brassica rapa which belongs to the family Cruciferae (Philip’s Nature Encyclopedia, 2003, p.74). It usually grows within an estimated time of 40-60 days in a cold and moist environment. Pechay also has name variations such as “Bok Choy/ Choi”, “Pak Choy/ Choi” and “Wong Bok” in other countries. It is widely known to

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