Growth of a Hotel Chain Via Globalization

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Growth of a Hotel Chain via Globalization
Kempinski Hotels S.A.

Subject: Introduction to Hospitality

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Table of Content Introduction 3 History 3 Management Board 6 Brand Philosophy 7 Corporate Social Responsibility 7 Kempinski's goal 8 Awards 9 Different Kempinski’s logos 10 Notable properties 11 Related Industry 14 Luxury residence units for rent 14 Luxury residences for sale 14 Segmentation 16 Recent Business Activities 19 Kempinski business model 19 Kempinski as a member of Global Hotel Alliance 20
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In 1977 the Hotel Gravenbruch near Frankfurt joined the group.
In 1985 Lufthansa bought shares in Kempinski, enabling the traditional German Hotel group to operate hotels abroad. Kempinski, Lufthansa and Rolaco S.A. formed Kempinski Hotels S.A. and the Company's head office was established in Geneva, Switzerland. Its mission was and still is to expand the group globally, while retaining distinctive and individual hotels with history or breathtaking modernity. (Hotels of the world, 2011)

Management Board

President and Chief Executive Officer
Reto Wittwer, with Kempinski since 1995. Wittwer is regarded as an inspiration to many, and as a motivational and generous leader, the grand ambassador of the Kempinski collection. Under his leadership, Kempinski has become one of the most prestigious names in the hospitality industry. Wittwer previously held the position of President and CEO of Ciga S. p. A. and prior to that he was President and CEO of Swissair Nestlé Swissôtel Ltd. Wittwer has worked for Le Meridien, Inter-Continental Hotels Group, The Mandarin Hotel Group, The Peninsula Hotels group and Hyatt Hotels Corporation.
Chief Operating Officer
Duncan O’Rourke, with Kempinski since 2002. His main responsibility is consolidating Kempinski’s expansion and ensuring the group delivers on its brand promise through operational excellence, through his own extensive international

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