Grrit Book Report

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GRIT is an abbreviation for Growth, Resilience, Instinct, and tenacity. It is the ability to overcome obstacles to achieve my worthiest goal. The ability that is found in most of the world best leaders in common is GRIT, and it becomes the measurement to predict one’s potential success. Growth is the propensity to seek and consider new ideas, additional alternatives, different approaches, and fresh perspectives. Resilience is the capacity to respond constructively and ideally make good use of all kinds of adversity. Instinct is the gut-level capacity to pursue the right goals in the best and smartest ways. Tenacity is the degree to which you persist, commit to, stick with, and relentlessly go after whatever you choose to achieve. The best lesson I learned from this book is that those leaders who succeed are neither the smartest nor the most talented people, and something that differentiated them from others was GRIT. They persisted for their goals despite of any adversity. Their perseverance made them succeed, and I totally agree with it.…show more content…
I personally do not like that word. It ignores all my efforts behind to achieve the goal. In fact, I worked extraordinarily hard to achieve my goal. While others were drinking and sleeping, I read one more page, and I even slept less than six hours per day every single day. I really love sleeping like any other people do, but I was compelled to reduce my sleeping hour to do everything that I wanted to do. Twenty-four hour was still not enough for me. How can they justify their lack of passion by distinguishing me as a smart guy? We were born with the same capacity, but the difference is that I put more efforts than they did. They could have the same result if they tried as hard as I did. Actually, I feel like I was not totally hard-working; I could have used my time more efficiently by reducing time on watching porns or playing mobile games. What a wasteful
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