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Georgina Martin GM, 6 Grumpy Old Men Assignment Grumpy Old Men Assignment The movie “Grumpy Old Men” starring Jack Lemon and Walter Matthau, portrays aging in its highs and lows through humor to soften the ageism put on the last stages of life. It exposes the disengagements, actions and social emotions of the second half of life from a development process. John Gustafson (Jack Lemon) spends a lot of time in his home alone playing chess. His mornings outside of the holidays consist of ice fishing in his own house careen; his nights in front of the television eating TV dinners alone.…show more content…
Activity theory of aging suggest that when elderly people interact with the community and include activities in their daily routine they are their happiest (Baird, 2011, p. 187). Ariel stated that “everyone need some form of release” (Lemmon, 1995). The men had a sense of humor but were grumpy towards each other and the life they were living before they met Ariel. They would joke about their health issues, finances, and constantly pranked one another. It wasn’t until after they met Ariel that they smiled, laughed, danced and kept up with their personal hygiene. Max was happier fishing with Ariel than he was when he fished alone. And John was happier when he was riding on the snowmobile and making snow angles with Ariel than he was playing chest by himself. “Life course theories generally represent a set of three principles. First, the forms of aging and life course structures depend on the nature of the society in which individuals participate. Second, while social interaction is seen as having the greatest formative influence in the early part of life, such interaction retains crucial importance throughout the life course. Third, that social forces exert regular influences on individuals of all ages at any given point in time” (Theories of Aging. (n.d.)). The movie portrays aging being more about living the rest of life rather than dyeing in them. As John and Ariel spend more time together John realize that life was better
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