Gryphon's War: A Narrative Fiction

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KARN CREPT THROUGH the darkness, his big body hovering inches from the soil as he slipped through the scrubby bush. Sharp-edged leaves, as well as branches, poked into his underside. He winced as an errant branch dug into a sensitive spot. He sidestepped to pin the branch under one clawed toe, pressing it gently to the sand to avoid a snapping noise that might reveal their location to the enemy. Fanned out to each side of him, his fellow Gryphon made use of all available cover to advance in silence on their target. Pausing in mid-crawl, Karn raised his head above a small shrub. His warriors, alert to his every move, froze. Unlike most of his father’s warriors, Karn’s were slender female scouts or younger males. Built for speed rather than strength,…show more content…
Most would call this battle a success. He shook his heavy mane of feathers while he ran as if trying to eliminate the memory of Zee exploding into flame. The loss of a single Gryphon life is too much to bear. How many more have to die in this war? He snorted, turning his head into the wind. Father feels we are close now. The Tlo%m war machine is weakening. They are losing too many soldiers, and their weapons do not work well within our protective planetary shield. Yet I have lost three warriors in the last two battles. Each one is like a blade in my heart. Something buzzed close to his ear. The comm clipped into his mane came to life, and Karn heard the voice of his father’s aide. “Your father has requested your presence.” the voice was that of an older Gryph that Karn knew had served his father since the war began. The voice gave him a series of coordinates which automatically downloaded to Karn’s datapad. Then there was a double-click indicating end of transmission. It's important if Father risks a comm transmission this close to the frontlines. I wonder what is going on? Have the Tlo%m surrendered? Karn thought. Karn did not respond to the message as it could reveal the location of his troop to the enemy. With a shrill whistle, he changed direction. His warriors followed him as he arced away from their original course to settle into his usual ground-devouring
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