Gs1140 Unit 1 Research Paper 1

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Unit 1 Research Paper 1: Paradigm Shift Introduction In the past, virtual reality technology was thought of by many as a gimmick, and the hope for it to become a mainstream technology was discarded as products did not work as how the public envisioned. However, the proper technology is now available to make virtual reality just that: a reality. The entertainment industry is on the verge of a monumental paradigm shift that will completely transform the way these entertainment mediums are experienced. The typical experience of video games is one with a controller with joysticks that are used to control where the playable character is looking along with a monitor or television screen in front of the player. Today, this scenario is so…show more content…
An incredible use outside of video games is military simulation training using these same technologies. Virtual Battlespace is a simulation program developed by Bohemia Interactive Simulations and is used by the US Army and U.S. Marine Corps as well as other armed forces across the globe, such as the UK Army, the French Air Force, and the Royal Navy. Conclusions Although this specific program will likely not become available to average consumers, the same foundations for the simulation will be available on the marketplace while being affordable at the same time. In time, applied use of virtual reality such as the Oculus Rift will become mainstream and accepted in everyday life not only due its entertainment value, but also due to its affordability for consumers everywhere. Thoughts of virtual reality often resemble fantastical scenarios reminiscent of scenes in movies with similar themes like Gamer, The Matrix, Total Recall, and Inception. After one delves into the VR technology in products such as the Oculus Rift, one will begin to believe, and he or she will brace themselves for the tidal wave that is the paradigm shift of virtual reality. References Bohemia Interactive Simulations. (2015, January 1). Virtual Battlespace 3. Retrieved March 24, 2015,

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