Gsm Based Reliability Assessment And Service Quality Improvement

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GSM Based Reliability Assessment and Service Quality Improvement Measures in Electricity Distribution Network.

Reliability of any power network is an important index of assessing the network’s performance. Apartfrom poor generation and inadequate supply associated with Nigerian power sector; the problems of monitoring and reducing interruption still persist. The ability to monitor and respond quickly to faults within the system will go a long way in improving reliability and power quality of the network. With the advancement in telecommunication technology, remote monitoring of many activities has been enhanced in a lot of ways. This paper proposes cost-effective reliability assessment and service quality improvement measures using GSM technology. To this effect, an Android phone utility checker has been developed for means of monitoring power supply within a distribution network. The system was deployed into some areas to monitor three locations. The system supplied information on the status of power supply in each location at any moment through sms alert. The saved message was thus used as data to characterize the reliability indices of the area of study. The operator DISCO can adopt it to monitor local fault for prompt response. Regulatory bodies and stakeholders can use the system to monitor and assess any DISCO.
The basic function of the power system is to provide an adequate electrical energy to its customers as economically as possible with…
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