Gss/1110 Week 1 Reflection

Better Essays
Improving One Step at a Time
The head basketball coach from Tuskegee Institute once said, “Don’t limit your challenges, challenge your limits.” I was always afraid to challenge myself until one day, I learned to step out of my comfort zone. Taking GSW 1110, was an expected challenge as a high school student, but throughout this course I was able to accomplish a lot and improve as a writer. I can conclude that my writing has improved greatly due to the establishment of the correct principles of writing introduced to me this semester. Although improving during this course was something I always strived for, I am determined to continue improving so I am prepared for future academics in my career. For example, one skill I have acquired is the
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Many different genres were introduced to me that I had never experienced writing in. Genres like, arguing a position with sources, proposing a solution, analyzing a visual and justifying an evaluation. Not only were the genres new to me, but every assignment had a different type of audience with different point of views. In the assignment, “Analyzing a Visual” I was writing to an audience that consisted of parents. I never addressed the audience writing in first person just because I kept the tone of the paper in first person plural, which made every issue a “we” problem. This helped put the audience on my team, so they could see where I stand and we could address the issue together. As a result of each essay having a different genre and audience, there were different tasks each time I wrote a paper. Starting with “Arguing a Position with Sources”, I had to pick an article from The Concise St. Martin’s Guide To Writing and decide rather I agreed or disagreed with the author and their position on the topic, while also backing up my own positions with sources from the book. Where in my assignment, “Justifying an Evaluation”, the objective was to pick a non-profitable organization’s website and state if I had a negative or positive claim after making an entire evaluation of the quality of the site. As a result of all of this, I now have the skills to successfully write in a variety of genres and to diverse audiences, so…show more content…
This not only benefits me in my papers, but having a formal tone can help me be viewed as mature and significant all together, so I can carry these skills on as I grow into an adult. One thing that I accomplished this semester that I never recognized the value of, was critical thinking. I can demonstrate my knowledge on critical thinking through my ability of critiquing student and professional writing and assessing source materials. Throughout the semester we were assigned groups and provided sample essays that we had to critique. Working with my peers to grade papers as not passing, almost passing or passing, I learned my peers techniques of critiquing while also using my own. This helped me understand that mechanics like, commas or different punctuations are important, but making sure your thesis proves what you believe and the paper provides the information to support your thesis is important also.
Learning the many different ways to critique, gave me an advantage when writing my papers and also when editing my peer’s. Critiquing was an important value for me to gain, how it
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