Gtd Flaws And Issues. Gtd Is Considered As One Of The Most

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GTD Flaws and Issues GTD is considered as one of the most comprehensive database of terrorist events in the world. But is it ideal? Since we deal with big data from open sources around the world, it’s not always show the true picture. All entries in one way or another were created upon unclassified information, mostly from media articles. That creates bias because articles is always a subjective view, moreover only English articles were used, thus we can see only one side of the coin. Data collection that were used to gather information for the database is really important and if we change the method it may influence an outcome. GTD is used in the official reportings and cited by leading politicians as an “absolute truth” [6]. According to…show more content…
Data should be trustworthy since our decisions and conclusions are based on it, and if it’s ambiguous, conflicting, and confusing - the results will have the same quality and will present a misleading trends of terrorism. In this particular case, it’s hard to identify privacy issues. GTD is using open source information and privacy violation can be related only to terrorist leaders identity data. Data on victims and terrorist group members are depersonalized and represented in the numerical form [3]. Studying Data Proposal The organization of the fight against terrorism requires an integrated approach to analysis of sources and subjects of terrorist activities, a clear definition of the functions and zones of responsibility of each subject, timely determination priorities in solving tasks, improving the organization and the interaction of operational, operational-combat, military, investigative departments on the basis of the introduction of the headquarters principle of organization of management of counter-terrorism operations and the provision of resources, including modern hardware and software systems. GTD is one of the instruments for increasing the effectiveness of the counterterrorism. GTD helps to see more clear picture of rapid “penetration” into terrorist around the world. Complex analysis of the GTD data can help to receive preemptive information about terrorist plans to commit terrorist acts. Current state of GTD do

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