Gu Gun Control

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Have you ever thought about what you believe in or where your belief comes from? Your beliefs come from your family, what you see on TV or what you here on the radio, and even yourself. Your beliefs reflect who you are and what type of person you are going to be.
Welfare is a system that was put into place to give financial help to people or groups who can't support themselves. A problem with welfare is that it usually leaves out the people who are in extreme poverty. The definition of extreme poverty is anyone or any family that are under less than half the poverty brink. For these Americans it is often to hard for them to maneuver themselves through the the welfare system. Other people can also have addictions or poor education and are unable to navigate through the system either. This is one reason why there are so many home less and unsafe people.
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People have been debating over this for a long time. An issue with guns is that people want them for protection but we have to know our limits. People have to be responsible with guns. The government regulates the possession, use, and sale of guns to try and keep people safe.
Illegal immigration is a big problem in the United States. One of the big problems is lost jobs. Millions of American citizens are out of jobs because of foreclosure caused by illegal immigrants. Jobs that are less alluring are being taken over by illegal immigrants. So the Americans who would take these jobs to provide for their families now can't.
There are problems all over the place, you just have to look for them. Welfare is suppose to support the people that can't support themselves but is actually doing the opposite. Gun control was created because people don't know their limits. Illegal immigration is taking over. I feel that i would be moderate. I believe that the government does help, but it also destroys. On the other hand we can't have a weak government people don't know their
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