Essay on Guajilote Case Study

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Guajilote Case Study

This essay examines the case study of the Guajilote co-operative, a co-operative with a licence to collect and sell fallen timber in the Honduras. The paper is in five sections; giving an impression of the co-operative as a business venture, conducting a SWOT analysis of the company, looking at any competitive advantage or strategy. Describing the value chain and considering strategic alternatives open to the co-operative.


1. The business is certainly located in rural areas and considerations of how this may affect tribal people should be considered. The use of natural resources can be profitable but environmental considertaions such as the impact of deforestation on the global climate needs are
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4. The value chain is: Site (forests) --> Transport (carts and river) --> Collection (distributors) --> Sale (manufacturers) --> Exporting (USA and Europe). 5. This company's strategic alternatives include: co-operating with Cites. Develop a sound strategy that for every tree felled, 10 new trees will be planted. Convince the government of Honduras that their natural resource needs to be protected and developed. This includes providing jobs for workers in greenhouses cultivating the seedlings. A proportion of the sale of the wood could be allocated to the development of new schools and clinics in rural Honduras. The local population, via the co-operation of village headmen, need to be educated on the importance of conserving their environment. Children need to be taught this at schools via the provision of posters and books.


Nathan Nebbe and J. David Hunger

Guajilote (pronounced wa-hee-low-tay) Cooperativo Forestal was a forestry cooperative that operated out of Chaparral, a small village located in the buffer zone of La Muralla National Park in Honduras' Olancho province. Olancho was one of 18 Honduran provinces and was located inland bordering Nicaragua. The cooperative was one result of a relatively new movement among international donor agencies promoting sustainable economic development of developing countries' natural resources. A cooperative in Honduras was similar to a cooperative in the United

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