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Case: Guam’s Visitors’ Bureau Assignment Questions: 1. What internal constraints does GVB face in becoming a more powerful player? Following are the internal constraints that Guam Visitor’s Bureau faced, * Guam as an organization had a large size of Board of Directors, i.e. 13 to be precise; * This huge size of the committee and formal lines of communication resulted in slow decision making. * Lot of external factors determined the selection of members in the Board of Directors, i.e. GHRA(Guam Hotel and Restaurant Association), GTF (Guam Tourist Foundation), JGTA (Japan Guam Travel Association), etc. * GVB had a huge organizational structure, lot of silos existed in the organization. * Employees with…show more content…
4. Use BCG Matrix to determine the position of the each target market. BCG matrix is a resource allocation matrix. It helps us to decide which strategy we should follow for an industry as per its growth rate and the output with respect to competitor. By the information given in the case study, it can be inferred that Guam started well as a tourist spot and occupied and gradually became a star. It had started well with good market share and relative market share. Over the years, other places have started rising as tourist spots and the popularity of Guam has been decreasing. Now it is in a situation such that the industry has a high growth rate but the relative market share of Guam is low. Guam is a question mark with respect to BCG matrix. Its relative market share is low on which puts it in the question mark area. It can regain its market share by adding more tourist attractions like events and other forms of entertainment which Guam lacks. Moreover, if we categorise the different tourist attractions of guam, we can put it beautiful scenery and good beaches as a star, desirable destination for diving and tourist friendliness in the cash cow area of matrix, it can be improved so that it can come in the star category. Good wedding facilities can be eliminated and can be put in dog area of matrix. Good sports activities, trekking etc. can
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