Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp Essay

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Torture, being defined by the 1984 Convention Against Torture is the “cruel, inhumane, or degrading infliction of severe pain or suffering, physical or mental, on a prisoner to obtain information or a confession, or to mete out a punishment for a suspected crime” (Beehner), is condemned and considered illegal by the United States of America and carries severe punishment for those that carry out the act. Yet the numerous amounts of maltreatment of the detainees held by the US during the War on Terror has led to humanitarian interference and, more notably, concern from the United Nations assembly. The most prominent facility in which these detainees are being held is the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp, a site used for indefinite detention (mostly without trial), yet other secret prisons (operated by the CIA) are scattered about the world, which are also used for “enhanced” interrogation purposes.
The history of these “enhanced and specialized interrogation methods” designated for Prisoners of War and captured individuals who pose a dangerous threat to national
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In recent years, the United States Military has admitted of the use and administration of Larium – a drug that causes neuropsychiatric effects including suicidal thoughts, and behaviors, and psychosis. Waterboarding, on the other hand, is a conventionally used method in the detention camp that is used on both high value detainees and those received through bounties. For instance, Aby Zubaydah was water boarded on 83 occasions in CIA custody as of August 2002 (Bradbury, Rizzo), yet many others have suffered the same fate albeit in less than 83
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