Guantanamo Bay Is Not Cool

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Guantanamo Bay is Not Cool America is better off if Guantanamo Bay was shut down. "The Politics of Guantánamo." The Economist. The Economist Newspaper, 18 Oct. 2014. Web. Nov. 2015.1 President Obama called for Guantanamo Bay to be shut down back in 2009. It is now 2015 and Guantanamo Bay is still open and still holding many types of prisoners. Guantanamo Bay mainly holds suspected terrorists, but also holds other types of prisoners. Prisoners being held captive have been imprisoned and have yet to have a trial. In other words, some are just being held captive under suspicion. Would America be better off if Guantanamo Bay was closed and those who have been imprisoned either transferred to another prison or essentially freed? Guantanamo Bay opened for its main purpose in late 2001 shortly after the United States went to Afghanistan after the September 11 attacks2. Since 2001, Guantanamo Bay has held around 800 people. 2002 was when the first suspected terrorist was imprisoned and since then the numbers have been slowly decreasing. Slowly prisoners have been found innocent or have had lack of evidence to prove that they are guilty, but are still being held captive.3 There are a few reasons as to why those who have been cleared to be transferred or released but have not been. One reason is that those who have been in Guantanamo Bay for years have no place to go. They have been held captive for so long that their home country do not want them back. Another reason is if their

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