Guanxi in Jeopardy – Case Study Essay

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Case study on US and Chinese culture in business life and negotiations. Sales and negotiations class 2011 Guanxi in Jeopardy – Case Study Intercultural Research In order to find out in what way the American culture of Electrowide as opposed to the Chinese culture of Motosuzhou will influence negotiation attitudes and positions, some intercultural research needs to be done beforehand. In assessing these cultures at an informal level as well as a business or formal perspective, I need to become aware that not all actions or behaviours can be directly explained by cultural differences alone. Sometimes it is a party’s incapability of correctly identifying its position or leverage points within the negotiation which causes rudeness or…show more content…
They can spend as much time as necessary until they achieve the “Youyi”, their way of seeing entrepreneurial friendship (a relation between two or more entrepreneurs where they respect each other and respect the needs of the other part. It is also true that they focus the negotiation in this way because they have a long-term view of commercial relationships, intertwining personal and professional relationships in a “Guanxi”. In order to make the other person part of their Guanxi, they usually ask personal questions to the opponent. However they don’t like facing those kinds of questions in return, or at least too personal questions. It would be polite asking vague personal questions about his/her family, for example. A disrespectful way of negotiating with a Chinese person would be asking closed questions. First of all, they don’t like giving “Yes” or “No” answers, basically because they are indirect and very thoughtful, and a closed question may mean closing doors. If you ask those kinds of questions, they may answer you with vague answers such us “We will see” or “We will think about it”, and it is very likely that you will never hear about that issue again. They are also very good practitioners in using silence: they respect the silent moments of thinking in order to see the reactions and the security of the other part, something that usually
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