Guardian Figure Essay

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Guardian Figure Upon first sight of this sculpture, one is introduced to its overwhelming expression and brilliant size. This untitled statue stands approximately life size at a mere six to six and a half feet tall and is about two or three feet wide. He is standing upright on a gray rectangular structure approximately three feet off the grounding making him about nine and half feet total. This is a monstrous sculpture when looked upon firsthand. It seemingly is a man, possibly a warrior of some kind. This statue is made from two different types of wood. The first of which is chestnut, which seems to encompass the lower portion of his body and in his clothing. Its color is a faded type of tan flesh tone. The second type of wood is…show more content…
The creator of this sculpture chose a very interesting subject matter. It appears to be a man, possibly a warrior. He is larger in size, and is defined well physically. His facial features are extremely stylized and lack detail. His bulky and overwhelming size makes it hard for one to look at. His shirtless upper body is shown in great detail in a type of circular fashion. It is anything but naturalistic. It is highly exaggerated in a way that makes him appear bigger than he actually may be. His lower body is covered from his hips to his knees with clothing, which bares resemblance to a kilt of dress. He has something on his head, which resembles a ponytail but could also pass from some type of headdress. He is also wearing enormous sandals from which his immense feet protrude. The texture of the surface of this sculpture is extremely rough, obviously due to the material from which it was made from. This roughness is somewhat appropriate in that it displays this characters intense anger. The garb of this statue is smoother than that of the flesh, and hangs down to the back of his feet. It flows in a natural way, creating a sense of depth and dimensionality that the rest of the statue lacks. The wavy, curvy lines found throughout his attire makes the eye move around the lower portion of the body, and brings the eye upward toward the chest and stomach region. It seems to define the legs in a
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