Guardian of the Realm

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Guardian of the Realm In order to truly value freedom one must understand the conflict and struggle that happens in the fight for freedom and the sacrifices that certain people make for such freedom. William Wallace was one of these people, born in a village named Renfrewshire, in Scotland, around 1270. Wallace is believed to be the second son of Sir Malcolm Wallace of Elderslie and Auchinbothie. Many of the stories about Wallace comes from a 15th century named Blind Harry, “Many of the stories surrounding Wallace have been traced to a late 15th-century romance ascribed to Henry the Minstrel, or “Blind Harry.” The most popular tales are not supported by documenttary evidence, but they show Wallace’s firm hold on the imagination of his people.” (Grossman 1) Harry mixes facts and hyperbole to further the legend of the Scottish hero. In 1296 King Edward I of England overthrew the Scottish monarchy of the Scottish king John de Balliol and declared himself ruler of Scotland and placed it under English rule. The Scottish couldn’t stand for this a quickly mounted a rebellion against the English “Sporadic resistance had already occurred when, in May 1297, Wallace and a band of some 30 men burned Lanark and killed its English sheriff. Wallace then organized an army of commoners and small landowners and attacked the English garrisons between the Rivers Forth and Tay. On Sept. 11, 1297, an English army under John de Warenne, earl of Surrey, confronted him at the Forth near
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