Guatemal A Large Latin American Country

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Guatemala once was a magnificent vacation country for many Americans. Now, many Americans are choosing a different getaway.Guatemala has seen many changes to daily life due to drug cartels and street gangs. Drug cartels and street gangs have been taking over the cities and rural areas. These two very dangerous groups of people have been threatening some people and killing others. Many families have to pay to guarantee a safe life. If a family can not pay, they have to escape their homeland. The cartels and gangs ruined many families and traumatised many more. The citizens need help but, not from only themselves. The government needs to help and realize that there is a problem that can ruin their country. The government needs to take control of the problems that the cartels and gangs create.
Guatemala is a large Latin American country with only a population of 12,701,000. This country is sometimes misjudged because it is located on the Pacific coast and Caribbean coast but, this country has many problems. The capital of this beautiful caribbean state, Guatemala City has a huge percentage of crimes. Many times the crimes committed are shootings and drug trafficking but, the crimes can be more then that. Most crimes are encouraged by the cartels that the government can not control. (Guatemala Facts 1)
Guatemala did not start the drug and gang issues on its own. Mexico had a huge influence on the drug issues. A state patrol office states, “Members of the Zetas, another…
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