Guatemal Guatemala And Sweden Essay

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Guinn_ENVM620_TermPaper Guatemala and Sweden In the comparison of two countries there are a variety of characteristics that can be used to generate a summary, for this paper we will consider: Location, geographic characteristics, weather, demographics, economic characteristics, and participation in international organizations concerned with climate change and the social and economic stability of the global population. This paper will make an examination of 2 countries, Guatemala, which is considered a developing nation and Sweden, which is considered a developed nation. Location, Geographic Characteristics, and Weather Guatemala is a country located on the North American Continent, in Central America and is to the south of Mexico and to the north of Honduras and El Salvador between the North and South American continents. The capital is in Guatemala City. Guatemala in considered a tropical climate due to its proximity to the equator. There are volcanos and tropical rainforest. Guatemala is 108,890 sq. km and is similar in size to Tennessee. The interior of the country is covered in trees and has a diverse geography and topography with mountains, lakes, rivers, and lowlands and plains (Where is Guatemala, n.d.) The historic weather and climate for Guatemala varies according the altitude. The average annual temperature ranges from 25-30 C. The higher the altitude the lower the temperature. The rainy season begins in May and continues until October in the inland

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