Guatemala and Spanish Cultures Essay

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Guatemala has more people than any other Central American country, with an estimated population of 11,980,000 it is home to many different cultures. The population can be divided into two groups; Indians and people of mixed Spanish and Indian ancestry. But in Guatemala, being called an Indian or a non-Indian does not depend entirely on a person's ancestry. It is basically a matter of how people live and of how they categorize themselves. For example, a Guatemalan is considered an Indian if he or she speaks an Indian language, wears Indian clothing, and lives in a community where the people follow the Indian ways of life. The Indians think of themselves more as part of their community than of their country. They pay little attention…show more content…
Rosita spoke Spanish and Quiche, Rosita would speak Spanish outside of the home with friends, but she would speak Quiche during prayer, while talking to her mother, and at her father?s funeral. Rosita would speak Spanish as well to Enrique and her brother. Enrique spoke Spanish when he talked with his father and he spoke ?broken? English when he was working in America. Rosita had to speak different languages in different scenarios because people really stick to their cultures as well as their respective languages. As for speaking, English it is essential for them to try to learn it in order to increase job opportunities and achieve acceptance in society beyond their own communities. (Heath 249)

Enrique would speak English while he worked in America. He would only speak Spanish to his Spanish-American friends and co-workers. It seemed as if speaking Spanish was relaxing to him because it was like being at home for him, plus it was it was easier for him to relate to other immigrants because they were all going through the same thing. Today most citizens in Mexico speak Spanish, but many small indigenous groups keep their mother tongue. (Heath 254)

Four different ethnic groups are represented in this movie: Indians, Mestizos, Chicanos, and Gringos. In this movie we saw Rosita and Enrique?s family which seemed to be mixed with Mestizos and Indians which is odd seeing that the two cultures
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