Gucci - Global Luxury Goods The essay analysis Gucci as a global provider of luxury goods from a marketing point of view.

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International Marketing Global Luxury Goods Prepared by: Tamás Halasy July 7, 2003 MBA 1 2002/2003 Word count: 2,389 Table of contents TABLE OF CONTENTS2 GUCCI'S MARKETING FORMULA3 MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS3 Advertising4 Direct Marketing4 PR4 IMAGE4 GROWTH MARKETS5 STANDARDIZATION OF THE MARKETING OF LUXURY GOODS6 GENERALIZATIONS RELATING TO THE GLOBAL LUXURY GOODS INDUSTRY7 SOURCES8 Gucci Gucci is a global retailer of luxury, high quality fashion items: handbags, small leather goods and luggage, shoes, ties and scarves, RTW, watches and other personal items such as key chains, money clips, pens, etc. Gucci makes its products available to the public through 4 main distribution channels: ·Directly operated stores;…show more content…
Fashion is all about beauty, desire and sex and this is why Gucci's image is so successful. Tom Ford has succeeded in combining the classical image of Gucci with a modern, trendy image, which is apparently a great recipe for success. Models in Gucci advertisements are portrayed as standing out of the crowd, as being individuals (we can observe that the Gucci model in most Gucci advertisements is above everybody else in the ad). This reinforces the image of superiority and uniqueness. Growth Markets Seeking out and entering new markets is imperative for a global company. The world is constantly changing, presenting new business opportunities. Gucci should set up a separate division within its marketing framework to seek out potential markets. Environmental scanning models should be utilized, such as the model by Hodgetts and Luthans. Once a general scan has ruled out markets that are impenetrable because they are either closed or insignificant, the remaining markets must be analyzed in greater detail. Markets that would be ideal to penetrate by Gucci have rapidly growing GDP per capita, socially and culturally not extreme, competition is acceptable, and already have, or will soon have a relevant portion of the population that can afford Gucci products (high disposable income), and are apparently looking for benefits provided by such luxurious items. As we already know, market segments for luxurious goods are close to homogeneous around the world, so modification of

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