Gucci's Closest Competitor

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CRITICALLY CONTRAST THE KEY ELEMENT OF GUCCI’S MARKETING STRATEGY TO ITS CLOSEST COMPETITOR. JUSTIFY WHY YOU HAVE CHOSEN THIS COMPANY AS GUCCI’S CLOSEST COMPETITORS Gucci is one of the most powerful leaders in luxury fashion market. Gucci is founded by Guccio Gucci in 1921 in Florence, Italy. Now, Gucci is the part of Gucci Group and Pinault Printemps Recloute (PPR). The globalization of the fashion environment and boost in the western economies transform Gucci from a small Italian company in to large luxury fashion brand in global level. In 1980s, Gucci had lost its appeal and became a tacky brand and was also in deep financial crisis. But Tom Ford raised Gucci from dead and found out the company’s leading status and maintains…show more content…
The detailing on the tongue of the shoes is also different Gucci gave zig zag look on the edge which gave a rough look though its finished where Prada gave very finished look stitching which give very sophisticated look. The lining of the both the shoes are also similar in terms of color and leather in sole logo. The color of the sole is also similar but detailing is different Gucci gave their own brand logo detailing on the rubber sole where as Prada used nice detailing on drive sole. The price of Gucci’s shoes is $530 where as Prada shoes cost around $557. Good design and color and with affordable price Prada is better than Gucci in this comparison. Gucci Prada This advertising campaign is for Autumn Winter 2009/10 for Prada and Gucci for the footwear collection. In both the advertising campaign both the brand focused only on the product. Gucci’s products are very shiny and glamorous which represents very urban, beautiful, young and chic look. Where as Prada shoes are inspired by Trojan helmet/headgear which gives very stylish and cool look and more focus on product detailing. Gucci ( Gucci’s store display window is very basic with perfume bottle shape with yellow light and hand bag shape with pink light and back drop is decorated with Gucci logo. In the display Gucci display bags and shoes together. The ambience and the light effect give very rich look to Gucci’s

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