Guernica a Paint by Pablo Ruiz Picasso

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Picasso: Guernica
“ I paint objects as I think them, not as I see them.” These are the words of the wise Pablo Ruiz y Picasso, a famous and talented artist in the 19th and 20th century. Many have crowned him the most influential artist of his time. Many of his works including Les Demoiselles d'Avignon, Ma Jolie, and Girl Before a Mirror have set the tone for many artists to follow after. However, Guernica was one of his most famous of his pieces, painting a nearly perfect emotional picture of what was happening during these times of despair. Guernica, one of his many contributions to the art world, will be described first in purely formal terms, and then a comparison and evaluation of three different critiques will be made. Pablo Ruiz y
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The bull’s tail forms the image of a flame with smoke rising from it. Behind the bull, a bird with upstretched head and neck, wide-open beak, and outstretched wings stands fluttering on a table. A white stripe cuts through the gray form of the bird, whose shape and size in the scale of the picture correspond to those of a goose. On the ground is a head that has no body. The mouth and eyes are wide open. The mouth seems to scream in agony and the eyes are wide opened in terror. Directly behind the head is an outstretched arm with fingers look like claws. Another severed arm in front still clenched a sword and a flower sprout out of the fist. In the center of the picture, a horse is displayed in a twisting movement. The horse appeared to have been hurt with its mouth opened wide braying in agony and the tongue protrudes out of its mouth. One of the horse’s front legs is on a kneeling position whereas the other legs struggling to stand up (Fisch, 1983). On the right-hand side of the picture a woman stretches her neck and head in a wide arch. Her bosom bared and her right arms hangs limply down and her left arm touching her swollen left knee. She seemed to be dragging her injured left leg as she sadly looked up. In the extreme right, a woman seemed to be floating in mid-air or falling with her arm extended in the air and face turned towards the sky. She seemed helpless and is crying for help. A very large female being, whose right arm is thrust out far in front

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