Guerrilla Marketing : A Startup 's Phenomenon

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Guerrilla Marketing:
A startup’s phenomenon

Kyle Sowden

BA(Hons) Advertising Design
G107728 - Critical Paper

One reason many startups fail is poor marketing. Due to minimal finances, startups are restricted from using a lot of traditional marketing methods that are often associated with high costs.
An alternative strategy that does not require expensive financial resources and can help a company shine through the countless number of competing campaigns is guerrilla marketing.

But is guerrilla marketing the only answer for start-ups?

The aim of this dissertation is to contribute to the research on the phenomenon that is guerrilla marketing and answer the following: What is guerrilla marketing and is it the only answer for start-ups?

In order to answer this effectively, we must first understand what guerrilla marketing is. The work of Jay Conrad Levinson will be used as the foundation for this paper as he is widely considered the godfather of guerrilla marketing, after first coining the term in his 1984 book 'Guerrilla Advertising’. Other sources will then also used to create an unbiased understanding in addition of guerrilla marketing and the theory surrounding it.

A multiple case study exploring three unconventional campaigns from three different companies is used as a basis for

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“People that spread ideas, regardless of what those ideas are, win.” It is not what is offered that’s…
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