Guess Brand Positioning

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Guess is a universally known brand with a fashionable and unique style towards their diverse product range. They cater their products for all ages, from babies to the sophisticated market, including the male and female targeted group.

According to the Guess website (no date), the Marcianos found in 1981, a small denim company in California. Guess continues to be guided by the Marcianos brothers, Paul and Maurice. They saw an opportunity to combine the European and American culture to create the brand Guess. Guess has expanded over the years to such an extent that it is one of the largest and most successful fashion brands in the world.

The assignment will focus on Guess’s brand identity and positioning in the
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They are recognized as a fashion leader and being an innovative company with a fashionable style. They deliver high quality products with a diverse product range. They cater for all ages, both male and female.


4.1 Brand physique

“A brand has physical specificities and qualities – its ‘physique’ (Kapferer, no date).” Guess is seen as a high quality product, a unique and fashionable product and different from other competitors.

4.2 Brand personality

“Brand personality is described and measured by human personality traits that are relevant for brands (Kapferer, no date).” According to the Guess website (no date), Guess identifies their brand identity as follow:

Adventurous. Sexy. All-American with an International flair.

• Guess by Marciano
Sophisticated. Feminine. Unapologetically sexy.

• G by GUESS
Independent. Bold. Confident. Alive. Stylish.

4.3 Brand culture

“Culture means the set of values feeding the brand’s inspiration. It is the source of the brands inspirational power (Kapferer, no date).” Guess is a generate company when it comes to giving back to society. It has numerous events and foundations. The Guess Foundation raises money for society and generates a great deal in the process. Their employees consistently help charity

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