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Guest edited by Mark Garcia

Book Review
14th Jan 2015

This book explores the future of details and how details can vary through different aspects of attempts, fields, aesthetics, narratives, the role of details in the future of architecture itself in terms of questioning that connection between the digital, the virtual and that of the physical and applicable. Here we are looking at details as a whole, as a way/ways of practicing architecture. Laying out all the different possibilities there are for rather justifiable or non-justifiable architecture fast beyond the present time to the near future.

For many years I have questioned these dilemmas; trying to understand how the virtual world and the coming future of architecture is being translated into real architecture yet conveying its meaning and approach to the existed world and us, and I mean by us not only architects or students of architecture but people, inhabitants and users.
This translation is somehow getting lost from the digital through to the commitment of construction, but maybe the lost and the forgotten can become the interesting and the innovative. However, this contrast is rather intriguing and clever as it expands our possibilities and energies through the different ways of applying architecture.

“I’m not interested in living in a fantasy world ... All my work is still meant to evoke real architectural spaces. But what interests me is what the world would be like if we were free of conventional
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