Guest Lectures And Group Presentation

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Guest Lectures and Group Presentation Our first guest lecture was held by a woman named Barbara Bossi. Mrs. Bossi is a registered nurse at Geisinger Community Medical Center. During her lecture, she discussed multiple things of importance. Some of these things were leadership, regulatory requirement, quality and safety/performance improvement and hospital operations. In regards to leadership, she mentioned the different positions of the staff in the hospital. The high ranking officials, such as the CEO, CNO, and COO, are the ones who keep the hospital running smoothly and make sure that standards are met. Regulatory requirement involves the Department of Health, Joint Commission, and Medicare. The Department of Health regulates hospitals…show more content…
Barbara Bossi also came a second time and gave us a presentation on inpatients. She talked about protocols and diagnosis. An example of which is when a patient has a heart attack and is brought to the hospital. The staff has to make sure the patient receives aspirin upon arrival. Another example would be when a patient is going to surgery and the staff has to make sure that patient’s skin is prepped and the antibiotics are set. Some goals that she talked about are improving the accuracy of patient identification, improving communication among care givers, improving the safety of medications, working to avoid infections, and reconciling medications across continuum of care. She also talked about improving admissions for emergency rooms, choosing where the patient gets relocated, direct admission, and after surgery requirements. In our group presentation I learned about Medical fraud and abuse. The main point of my article was the prevention, detection, and reporting of fraud and abuse. Medicare fraud and Abuse are two very different thing. Fraud is defined as making false statements or representations of material facts to obtain some benefit or payment for which no entitlement would otherwise exist. Abuse, on the other hand, describes practices that either directly or indirectly results in redundant costs to the Medicare program. For
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