Guest Lectures And Group Presentation

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Guest Lectures and Group Presentation Our first guest lecture was held by a woman named Barbara Bossi. Mrs. Bossi is a registered nurse at Geisinger Community Medical Center. During her lecture, she discussed multiple things of importance. Some of these things were leadership, regulatory requirement, quality and safety/performance improvement and hospital operations. In regards to leadership, she mentioned the different positions of the staff in the hospital. The high ranking officials, such as the CEO, CNO, and COO, are the ones who keep the hospital running smoothly and make sure that standards are met. Regulatory requirement involves the Department of Health, Joint Commission, and Medicare. The Department of Health regulates hospitals for licensure, while Joint Commission deals with setting the standards to ensure quality and to be sure that safety events accredit hospitals. Medicare is a health insurance that was put in place to care for senior citizens. Some standards that Barbara Bossi mentioned were Environmental Care, Human resources, infection prevention, information management, leadership, life safety, medication management, nursing, performance improvement, and patient rights. The last topic that she talked about was quality and performance improvement. Quality deals with the outcomes and Performance improvement measures the effectiveness by ensuring the processes. With quality she talked about six sigma which is the management strategy developed by Motorola and…
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