Guidance Services

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CHAPTER I BACKGROUND OF THE STUDY Introduction Historically, the term guidance has been used in the field of education to designate the assistance given to students in the solution of problems that lay outside the area of classroom teaching situations. For instance, ever since the first decade of the present century, guidance has meant, to a large extent, the guidance of students in the area of vocational problems. By about 1925, a growing number of colleges and universities were providing guidance services for their students. These activities were more commonly referred to as student personnel services. Today, these services constitute an all-embracing program of assistance to students; this program, of course, includes…show more content…
Third, this study will make the school aware of the present conditions of the Guidance Office and the assessment of the students of its program. Conscious of the status of the Guidance Office, the school will be able to make the necessary actions to improve its sector of guidance and counseling. And lastly, the findings of this research paper can be used by other researchers as a source of secondary data in their respective future-related studies. Scope and Limitations of the Study This research study deals primarily with the assessment of the Guidance Program, more specifically, of the High School Guidance Office. Furthermore, this study will include 139 respondents who will answer a well-prepared set of questionnaires for the different components of the study that will measure the following: level of awareness of students of its programs, availability of guidance counselor, effectiveness of the Testing Program, effectiveness of the Career Guidance Program, conduciveness of the Guidance Office, accessibility of the Guidance Office, and attainment of its objectives. The questionnaire will be distributed by the research group itself. Similarly, this research study will also determine which of the Guidance Services do seniors find most and least helpful as well as the seniors’ overall assessment of the Guidance Program. And lastly, this study will be limited to only seniors of SBC-Rizal Batch
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