Guide For Parents, Especially Of Young Children

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I would suggest a book or guide for parents, especially of young children. This could be paired with a program that essentially does one on one help with parent(s). This could take the form of physically guiding a parent with their child, meeting with the parent to come up with a plan, and/or providing the guidance. For this, I would want students who have taken many education courses or professionals. The people providing the program would have to be dedicated to the program as they would need to be available through mail, email, skype and phone call as well as physically in the clinic. This would be so that parents would be able to contact with whatever medium they felt most comfortable with or had more access to. There would be program members in charge of each medium so that nothing was neglected and availability was maximized.
The book would provide parents with easily understandable explanations of theories of moral development. Theories would have examples in the book that are applicable to most people, so that parents could better comprehend. The theories would have explanations of how applicable they were, for example different stages in Kohlberg’s theories and how they may correlate to age (Santrock 97) The book would provide real world examples of the theories and perhaps reinforce things they have already done to teach their children about morality. The book or guide would also need to address the theory that children already have a sense of moral intuition
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