Guide To Safeguarding

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A guide to child protection and safeguarding.
Through different laws and guidance it determines the way in which you should work with children in the setting to protect them against hard and protect their welfare. Legislation gives you a broad directive on which you must achieve in regards to child protection and safe guarding. Statutory guidance is more specific and can give you more detail on how the law should be implemented in your setting. These are mandatory and must underpin your policies and procedures that you have in your setting.
The different legal requirements are:
Children act 1989:
This states that early year’s practitioners must meet the individual needs of children and keep them safe. Children should be at the centre of planning, so the child’s welfare is paramount when
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Everyone shares the responsibility to make sure that all children are protected from harm and promote their welfare. Even if you may not be employed by the setting. To make sure you are in line with the legal requirements you must make sure that you are familiar with your policies and procedures. Comply with all of the safeguarding policies and procedures, and attend any training in child protection and safeguarding. Make sure all concerns about any child are shared with the professional with safeguarding responsibilities in your setting.
If you don’t follow the policies and procedures it may affect a child’s health and wellbeing and could put them at serious risk of harm or abuse. This would then mean disciplinary action.
A child’s right to be safe. The United Nations conventions on the rights of the child 1989 states that the rights and freedom of all children in a set of 54 articles. All countries that signed up to the treaty including the UK in 1991 are legally bound to implement the legislation. In article 19 provides the right for children to be kept safe from harm and to be protected by all kinds of abuse by those looking after
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