Guide to Stock-Picking Strategies

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Table of Contents 1) Introduction 2) Fundamental Analysis 3) Qualitative Analysis 4) Value Investing 5) Growth Investing 6) GARP Investing 7) Income Investing 8) CANSLIM 9) Dogs of the Dow 10) Technical Analysis 11) Conclusion

Introduction When it comes to personal finance and the accumulation of wealth, few subjects are more talked about than stocks. It 's easy to understand why: the stock market is thrilling. But on this financial rollercoaster ride, we all want to experience the ups
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Although there are many differences between each strategy, they all come down to finding the worth of a company. Keep this in mind as we move forward.
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Fundamental Analysis Ever hear someone say that a company has "strong fundamentals"? The phrase is so overused that it 's become somewhat of a cliché. Any analyst can refer to a company 's fundamentals without actually saying anything meaningful. So here we define exactly what fundamentals are, how and why they are analyzed, and why fundamental analysis is often a great starting point to picking good companies. The Theory Doing basic fundamental valuation is quite straightforward; all it takes is a little time and energy. The goal of analyzing a company 's fundamentals is to find a stock 's intrinsic value, a fancy term for what you believe a stock is really worth as opposed to the value at which it is being traded in the marketplace. If the intrinsic value is more than the current share price, your analysis is showing that the stock is worth more than its price and that it makes sense
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