Guidelines For A Successful Company

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Guidelines for a Successful Company The main goal of every organization is to create a friendly, healthy, and ethical work environment. A heathy work environment will create happy employees and customers. As learned in the Hawthorne Studies happy employees promote productivity. The article “Creating an Ethical Culture” by Gebler discusses seven steps to create a friendly and healthy work environment that will be successful in our society. Some important aspects that an organization should consider are financial stability, communications, systems and processes, accountability, alignment, social responsibility and sustainability. According to Gebler if an organization thrives in each of these areas then they will be a successful…show more content…
If an organization wants to make sure they are financially stable they can invest in the accounting department to make sure their company’s assets are efficiently being handled. Another reason financial stability is important is because people want to know they can trust the organization to handle their money ethically. “Organizations with challenges at this level need to be confident that managers know and stand within clear ethical boundaries” (Gebler, 2006, p.33). A common white collar crime is embezzlement. This is where certain employees have too much power in the work place and are able steal money without anyone noticing. The fear of embezzlement is the reason that organizations want to be sure they hire ethical employers and enforce internal controls such as separation of duties, periodic independent verification, and sound personnel practices. By making sure the proper precautions are done in the workplace a company can make sure their company is financially stable. Another level that promotes a successful and ethical organization is having a great communication system. “The critical issue at this level is to create a sense of loyalty and belonging among employees and a sense of caring and connection between the organization and its customers” (Gebler, 2006, p. 33). Having an effective communication system will keep everyone in the organization informed about changes in rules and regulations. Employees like to be kept in the loop with any
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