Guidelines For Change Management Plan

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Change management Plan • Situational awareness Discuss your change characteristics change characteristics will include (discuss following) • Detail the scope of the change: The change project will be focusing on involving all the current business stakeholders to participate in any of the business project and get their full commitment. • Identify how many people will be impacted: Impacted people will be 30. • Detail who is being impacted: - Spoon & Cafe managers - Spoon & Cafe waiters - Spoon & Cafe kitchen workers - Spoon & Cafe current, future and lapsed customers - Spoon & Café business contractors and sub-contractors - Spoon & Café business resources suppliers • Identify if they are being impacted the same, or experiencing the change differently: they will experience the change differently as all the required business participants will take the full responsibilities and accountabilities within all the stages of project implementation action plans. • Identify what is being changed (processes, systems, job roles, etc): Customer service strategies and plans, Customer service standards and charter and Customer service KRAs and KPIs. • Include a timeframe for the change: From 01/04/2016 – 01/07/2016. Identifies and describe your organisational attributes organisational attributes will include (discuss following) • Discuss perceived need for change: - needs for reducing the business turnover costs and expenses - achieve the maximum customer satisfaction and loyalty - achieve
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