Guidelines For Correct Unsafe Behavior Of An Employee

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SECTION 1.3 DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE 1.0 Purpose This guideline establishes procedures to correct unsafe behavior of an employee that places themselves or others at risk in the workplace. 2.0 General Requirements General Pipe expects all supervision including foremen, general foremen, superintendents, and management to equally participate in correcting unsafe acts and in enforcing discipline through- out the company. To ignore an unsafe action is to endorse the action and possible consequences. It is the duty and obligation of supervision to do all tasks within health and safety guidelines. 2.1 All employees are expected to work in a safe manner, being constantly aware of their surroundings, work conditions, equipment operation and the…show more content…
3.1.3 Third Offense…Disciplinary action ranging from days off without pay up to termination of employment…Offender’s Foreman (Supervisor) may face further disciplinary action if there was previous neglect on their part for failure to monitor and enforce safe work practices. 3.2 Depending on the nature of the violation, flagrant disregard for safety policy shall warrant immediate termination. 3.2.1 The decision to suspend or terminate an employee will be determined by the Superintendent and General Pipe Management. 3.3 NOTWITHSTANDING ANYTHING TO THE CONTRARY IN THIS SECTION 3.0, BASED ON THE SERIOUSNESS OF THE EMPLOYEE’S VIOLATION OR CONDUCT, IN GENERAL PIPE’S SOLE DISCRETION, GENERAL PIPE MAY (A) IMMEDIATELY TERMINATE OR SUSPEND SUCH EMPLOYEE WITHOUT PAY; OR (B) TEMPORARILY OR PERMANENTLY PLACE SUCH EMPLOYEE ON ITS’ “NOT FOR HIRE” LIST. 4.0 During orientation, employees will be made aware of the disciplinary aspect of the Safety Program and assured that the policy is enforced. 5.0 Zero Tolerance Rules 5.1 Following an investigation, personnel found in violation of the following, but not limited to, list of rules, may be removed from the site: 1. Possession of Alcohol & Illegal Drugs 2. Tampering with safety equipment 3. Theft 4. Deliberate damage to PPE 5. Deliberate destruction of/ or damage to company property 6. Falsifying company reports or records 7. Failure to immediately report a work-related accident or injury 8. Personnel found in flagrant violation of the
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