Guidelines For Fences Within The Wetlands Conservation District

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Guidelines for Fences within the Wetlands Conservation District (Adopted MM/DD/YY) The detailed plan and application shall address the following items: 1. Provide a statement on the type of materials to be used to construct the fence. 2. Identify the location and height of the proposed fence. 3. No fence post shall be placed in a wetland or surface water body. 4. The fence must be at least 6 inches off the ground to allow natural drainage flow, prevent the blocking or damming of surface water and to allow the passage of small animals. 5. Fence construction shall be done using hand held tools without the operation of heavy equipment (i.e. excavators, bobcats, backhoe, etc.). 6. Fence constriction shall not result in any vegetation clearing,…show more content…
An up-to-date survey of the entire property which shows the existing improvements and the location of all wetlands and poorly and very poorly drained soils (including wetland flag numbers), wetland buffer, and 12’ primary structure setback from the buffer edge. The survey should be prepared by a licensed surveyor. For properties where the wetland delineation is older than 3 years, the professional who did the original delineation should reconfirm the accuracy of the boundaries in writing as part of the application. The Conservation Commission reserves the right to request documentation/notes for any wetlands delineation. 2. Clear identification of the location of construction and areas proposed to be disturbed and their relation to property lines, buildings, roads, and waterbodies within one hundred (100) feet. 3. New improvements should be distinguished from existing improvements by hatching, cross hatching, shading, or other clear designation. 4. Distance of the nearest point of the improvements to the buffer edge and to the 12-ft. primary structure setback. 5. Clear identification of the square footages of the improvements and the square footage increase in disturbance. 6. The percentage of existing and proposed impervious cover on the parcel. 7. The limits of disturbance (building envelope) and construction ingress/egress should be identified with care given to restrict disturbance, to the fullest extent practicable, to areas outside of the

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