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The accounting profession was founded on the basis of public trust; the public must have confidence in the services provided by public accountants. Scholars agree accounting ethics education is one way to solidify public trust in the accounting profession. (Mastracchio Jr, Jiménez-Angueira, & Toth, 2015). In the aftermath of accounting scandals of the previous decade - specifically, those involving the scandals surrounding Enron, Arthur Anderson, and WorldCom - practitioners, regulators and educators have called for ethics reform and the introduction of ethics in university accounting programs. While current research confirms an
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Furthermore, accountants need to have the ability to recognize moral issues that happen in business circumstances and the skill of judgment to determine alternatives for resolving ethical predicaments. Ethical standards apply to all accountants who enter the profession. The nature of accounting work, as it relates to decision-making, and its impact on businesses and stakeholders, requires the highest level of ethics. Accordingly, accountants must possess a dual competency of technical skills and knowledge and the ability to take ethical actions within accounting decisions.

Statement of the Problem Accounting graduates are likely to encounter ethical situations in the workforce; however, ethics instruction in universities is inadequate and accounting graduates are ill prepared to handle ethical duties of complex, modern business organizations and transactions. The drive for high profit and high stock prices can tempt management to falsify or hide financial information from other stakeholders. Intense competitiveness and uncertainties of the global marketplace can force accountants to consider decisions to either benefit or to harm stakeholders. Accounting graduates must be able to consider the ethical implications of accounting decision making as well understand, apply and implement the rules and regulations of the accounting profession, which
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