Guidelines For Improving Current Practice

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5.0 Chapter 5 Conclusion and Recommendations
5.1 Introduction

This chapter attempt to discuss conclusions drawn from the findings of the study, outline implications of the results for good practice, provide recommendations for improving current practice and further study in the area of behaviour management.

The recommendations are based on primary data (questionnaires and semi-structured interviews) and the secondary data from the literature on behaviour management. I have decided to group these recommendations under the following headings:

5.2 School and classroom expectations

Every school should develop a behaviour policy which must be annually reviewed to make sure it remains relevant to the context of the school. In establishing school policy, contextual features of the school need to be taken into account eg pupils, parent/guardians, and school community and school staff, so as to promote the needs of the school. Parents, staff and pupils should have an in depth understanding of the school policy, the parameters of acceptable behaviour and its implications for teaching and learning in the school. Schools should also promote and publicize the behaviour policy (including classroom expectations) around the school eg in classrooms and on the school?s website.

Regarding classroom expectations, teachers should discuss these with pupils and involve them in the decision making process, rather than imposing the policy and classroom expectations. This involves…
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