Guidelines For Issuing A Draft For $ 10000

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Scenario 3: Customer asks for issuing a Draft for $10000 in US currency buying from his Canadian chequeing account payable to New Home Company in Trust. ; The customer has his access card and he provides his Driver License as an ID. Actor: CSR Customer Precondition:  The customer needs to provide the Draft Payee information.  The customer provides his Driver license Card. Flow of Events 1. Login to the system 2. Customer inserts his access card in Pin pad. 3. The customer account screen pups up on Teller’s screen. 4. Customer presses his pin number on Pin pad. 5. The massage “Pin verified” prompts on the teller screen. 6. Teller controls the customer ID with the ID in the system. 7. Teller chooses hot key “D” in…show more content…
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