Guidelines Of A Healthy Food Cafe

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Mission statement: To be a leading Healthy Food café business that provides quality’s healthy food products, healthy eating and proper physical activities for our customers. Gino’s Healthy Food Café also plan to educate our customers of how vital it is to maintain a good healthy habit.

Marketing objective:
• Inform consumer about the benefit of our product and it advantage it’s has over our competitors product that will lead to 10 percent increase in sales within six months.
• Educate the Australian people of the benefit eating healthy food

Product: Gino’s Healthy Food Café offers healthy food service to it consumers.

Core product: the core benefit of eating from a Gino’s Healthy Food Cafe is to be healthy and also to educate our customer of the important of eating healthy meal.

Expected product: customers expect that Gino’s Healthy Food Café should be made fresh, nutritious, and have a tidy environment were the food is been prepared.

Augmented product: the case of Gino’s Café augmented product will be drive through service, take away option, local menus, Wi-Fi connectivity, app for customer’s feedback and pet friendly section (where there are healthy foods for pet).

Potential product: customers can also get meal plan, prepared their own menus, for example juice bar and a delivery service.

Positioning: Gino’s Healthy Food Café that pride itself as food shop that encourage buyers to eat fresh meal that meet their budget and also enhance healthy eating habit of it

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