Guidelines Of Title Vii Of The Civil Rights Bill Of 1964

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According to (Annotation 5 - Fourteenth Amendment , 2015) “ The Constitution does not guarantee the unrestricted privilege to engage in a business or to conduct it as one pleases. Certain kinds of business may be prohibited; and the right to conduct a business, or to pursue a calling, may be conditioned.” In essence there are certain rules and regulations you must follow and the government may regulate certain industries. For example, you must follow the guidelines of Title VII of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964 with regard to employees, their hiring and firing, particularly regarding discrimination. There are Fed eral, state, and local laws with which you must be compliant. When creating or implementing contracts you must be cautious as to the content and you must not be unjustly enriched by such a contract or it could be deemed unenforceable regardless of the intent, good or bad. You must be cautious with regard to regulations on the disposal of waste, or the GAAP of accounting and the recording of assets and liabilities and shareholder reports. I explored the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and t he possibility of regulations that could regulate and restrict the kind of transactions that BackOffice will automate and that these regulations could adversely affect the market for the new app. According to (About us, 2015) “The Dodd - Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act of 2010 (Dodd - Frank Act) established the CFPB.” This
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