Guidelines for Caring for Populations: Community Outreach

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Guidelines for Caring for Populations: Community Outreach Chamberlain College of Nursing Clare Campbell NR 443 Community Health Nursing Professor Carol Johnson Spring A 2012 The setting is a community health center at the St. Joseph Health Center in Jamaica, Queens, New York. This is a community health center in a low-income area of New York. The center deals with patients with a variety of medical diagnoses. Diabetes is one of diseases that affect 24 million Americans, and it is believe that 57 million more are at risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. This is one of the important diseases with which the center deals. In Jamaica, Queens, more than 11% of adults have diabetes, which means that one in ten adults is a diabetic. It is also important to note that at this center, doctors are volunteers, but despite this fact, the staff is committed to disease prevention and awareness. . The target audience is all residents in the community, aged anywhere between 35 and 64 years. Diabetes affects this age group greatly. The focus of this April event would thus be to hear individuals' opinions on ways in which the center can make the community more aware of the importance of follow-up for eye care and nutrition, as they are affected by the disease. There are many people in the United States who have diabetes but do not know it. According to the American Diabetes Association, nearly 25.8 million people are living with the disease (American Diabetes Association, 2011), and
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