Guidelines for Feasibility Report

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Guide lines to make Feasibility report Feasibility Study This Feasibility Study Template will help you to conduct feasibility studies in your organization. It takes you through the process of completing a Feasibility Study by defining the business problem / opportunity, the alternative solutions available and the recommended solution for implementation. You can use this Feasibility Study sample to assess the feasibility of any type of solution, within any type of business environment. You can also use this Feasibility Study template to: * Research the business problem or opportunity * Document the business requirements for a solution * Identify all of the alternative solutions available * Review each…show more content…
This might include how frequently shoppers buy items like yours, psychographic factors, and demographic factors. * 6 Describe your competition. Make sure that this section identifies both direct and indirect competition. Also identify key competitors and outline their market share, business strengths, assets, goals, strategies, etc. This section will also need to include barriers that your company will need to overcome to enter the market. Then you will want to list your company 's potential advantages, including the uniqueness of your product, your company 's assets, etc. * 7 Define your industry. To do this, state what your industry is, what products or services are contained within the industry, how large it is, how fast it is growing, the outlook for the industry, the industry 's demands, the industry 's current supply factors and any other factors that may influence the health of the stated industry. * 8 Draft your business model. To do this, you will need to identify how your company will generate revenue, what recurring revenue you expect, and include enough detail to support your financial projections (included in a later section). * 9 Describe your marketing and sales strategy. Include information about anticipated marketing partnerships, how you will gain market access, what your basic marketing and sales strategies are, how you plan to distribute your merchandise or services,

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