Guidelines to creative and therapeutic activities

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Guidelines for creative and therapeutic activities
In this care team you will need to follow the health and safety legislation guidelines, while carrying out your creative and therapeutic activities. In this care team we have strict policies and guidelines you need to abide by. In this leaflet it will be explaining the potential risks and responsibilities you will have. It is of high importance that you should follow these rules and regulations at all times as they are here to keep you and other people in the environment safe, if you do not abide by our rules and regulations then consequences will follow. The handout will include legislation acts such as; health and safety at work act (1974), the food standard act (1999), general food
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MHO is the any incorrect handling of any movement or any lifting, MHO is there to help you in case you cause yourself a serious injuries or cause any one else an injury. MHO has a legal limit to how heavy someone can lift something. In a therapeutic activity such as swimming for a disable children then employers/ careers should make sure they take 3 steps and they are
Step 1- any service user should always avoid hazardous manual handling
Step 2- assess effectively any hazardous situations that cannot be avoided.
Step 3- try and reduce the risk or injury as far as you reasonably can.
For example if a service user wants to go swimming then you must assess how you’re going to get the service user into the water this could be by a hoist, you must then assess if there are any hazards or risks of doing this task, then if you do find a hazard then you must think of different ways of how you can reduce the risk of it.
RIDDOR act 1995, RIDDOR stands for Reporting Injuries Dangerous Diseases, Occurrences Regulations. In a health and social care environment you need and always should report all injuries to you superior no matter how minor the injury is, the work place should always have an injury report book, or a first aid book this is so if you have an injury you should write it down and describe the injury and how major/ miner the injury is. Once you have wrote this in the first aid book the manager will then view it and if
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