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EDMUND G. BROWN JR. Governor CSMR-OCS/WOCS 8 November 2012 MEMORANDUM FOR OCS Commandant SUBJECT: Use, display, and care of the OCS/WOC Guidon. 1. Problem. It is the OCS Commandant’s intent that the Officer Candidate Guide be studied and analyzed in order to modify existing section(s) and/or incorporate new sections into the Candidate Guide for the use, display, and care of the OCS/WOC Guidon. All recommendations are to conform to existing Army Regulations (AR’s), Field Manuals (FM’s), and all other pertinent Army publications. 2. Recommendation. OCS/WOC Guidon shall not be presented until training has been presented in proper employment of the Guidon. The information below will prepare the…show more content…
a. On the preparatory command for marching movements, execute Carry Guidon from Order Guidon by reaching across the body with the left hand (forearm horizontal) and grasping the staff. Raise the staff vertically 6 inches allowing the staff to slide through the right hand. While the staff is sliding through the right hand, release the grasp and regrasp the staff with right thumb to the front, pointed downward and on line with the seam of the trousers. On the command of execution MARCH, return the left hand smartly to the left and simultaneously step off. b. To resume Order Guidon from Carry Guidon, reach across the body with the left hand (forearm horizontal) and grasp the staff. Let the staff slide through the hands until the ferrule touches the marching surface. Regrasp the staff in the same manner as in Order Guidon and then return the left hand sharply to the side as in the position of attention. c. When double-timing, carry the guidon diagonally across the body in the same manner as Port Arms. Raised guidon a. On the preparatory command Present of Present, ARMS and Eyes of Eyes, RIGHT, raise the guidon vertically, by grasping the staff with the right hand. Raise the guidon with the right hand while simultaneously moving the left hand (with palm to the rear) across the body to guide the guidon. Keep raising the guidon until the right hand is on line with the right shoulder. Keep the right

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