Guillain-Barre Syndrome: Article Analysis

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This article was an interesting read because it took what was common knowledge, the flu and corresponding vaccines, and added to it. It gave us a brief background on the how and why people react to flu vaccines. Scientist have found that, “nine genes are tied to a strong immune response to the flu vaccine in people 35 and under.” This relation can help us predict whether or not the vaccination will work in certain people. Since we know if the vaccine will work or not, we might also be able to determine any outcomes, or bad reactions a patient might have. I have a personal connections to this because my brother dislikes needles with a passion; he is scared to get them and can’t stand anything related to blood. So, when we went to get our booster …show more content…

Most allergic reactions occur due to the egg, which can be found in the vaccine. Now at first, I couldn’t fathom how an egg would be in or a part of a vaccine; however, upon further research, I discovered that the flu vaccine is grown in eggs. Other common reactions to the shot are, a sore arm or a low-grade fever. Recent studies have also found a link between a rare nerve disorder called Guillain-Barre syndrome in a very small number of people.1 Hopefully, with further research we can, in a way, perfect the flu shot so that everyone can be safe from the flu and decrease side effects. Now, because the shot must be injected into millions of people and no two human beings are alike, the question of when and if this mass production of a vaccine can be used to treat the population. We also have to keep in mind that like humans the flu continues to evolve in order to protect itself from vaccines.Because my brother tends to react to shots and needles, I hope this research can help find an answer to why people react to vaccines, and hopefully pinpoint who the vaccines will work for so people like my brother won’t have to take a shot if it will prove …show more content…

Scientists still believe that with further research a “crystal ball gene” for older adults will become possible. Personally, I find viruses interesting and I think vaccines are crucial in order to save lives. I haven’t yet decided into which field of medicine I would like to pursue, but the more I learn about vaccines and different viruses, the more I contemplate pursuing a career where I will research different diseases and vaccines. Currently, I am trying to find something I am passionate about and figure out what I want to do; however, this has proven to be one of the more difficult tasks. I want to be able to save lives or help contribute to mankind and I like things that involve mathematics and strands of science, but I also like working with my hands. This has left me thoroughly confused in regards to my future. I believe that immunologists, like Purvesh Khatri, are important to society because they are trained in managing problems in the immune system; however, studying the immune system doesn’t seem that exciting. After reading this article and ones similar to it, i’ve considered going into disease

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